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In 2019 we were awarded a 5-year grant by the National Lottery Community Fund. This was to pay for 1 full-time Caseworker and 1 full-time Volunteer Coordinator.

In 2020 we got an extension to our National Lottery grant to pay for a second full-time caseworker but only for 12 months.

In the first year of National Lottery funding we received 358 enquiries & conducted 253 in-depth interviews. All enquirers are provided with relevant information. In addition, we prevented 90 households from becoming homeless including 56 cases involving eviction proceedings. 31 households were rehoused following intervention by SHARP. And in 33 cases SHARP helped to improve living conditions. This included one case in which a family of 5 were awarded compensation of £3,000 by the Ombudsman and were ultimately rehoused into a suitably adapted home after waiting for 3 years prior to contacting SHARP.

SHARP has been advising people for 46 years. In that time, we have seen several economic recessions. Upon each occasion the number of threatened evictions has gone up. Upon this occasion as soon as the Courts get back to normal working, we anticipate a veritable tsunami of possession actions by both Landlords and Lenders. SHARP employs trained, expert housing advisors. Assisted by volunteers. People represented are approximately 50% less likely to be evicted than those who go to Court alone. Housing law is complicated.

To meet the scale of this need we need to continue to employ a second caseworker beyond our initial 12-month grant. To do so we need to increase our reliable regular donations from about £250 per month to about £1000 per month.

We are therefore appealing for donors to help us to prevent people from becoming homeless and to help those who are homeless to rapidly find another home. At SHARP we now have just 15 people who send us a donation every month by standing order. Please use the DONATE button below to join them.

With your help we can prevent more people from becoming homeless.

Appeal Update – 11 December 2020
SHARP’s monthly income has gone up by £113 and is now £363 per month.
All this from just 20 regular donors!

Appeal Update – 05 January 2021
SHARP’s monthly income has gone up by another £145 and is now £508 per month.
All this from just 28 regular donors!

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