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What would happen if SHARP closed

 If sufficient funds were not available to keep SHARP going as a service, there would be:

  • Increasing numbers of homeless people.  Currently there are not enough spaces in hostels to accommodate even the existing number of homeless people. More homelessness means an increasing number of people will be forced to sleep rough on the streets of Leicester.
  • More families being split up as a result of them becoming homeless. This could mean an increasing number of children having to be taken into care. Other negative impacts on children include lower educational attainment due to the lack of a proper home, greater ill-health as a result of cramped living conditions and reduced emotional well-being as a result of worries and fears about their future.
  • Increasing demands on health services. More people sleeping rough or living in poor housing conditions mean more demands on Accident & Emergency Services. And the worry caused by struggling to pay rent or a mortgage affects the general well-being and mental health of adults and young people. Given that many of SHARP’s clients have either a physical or mental health condition, it is safe to assume that there is likely to be a substantial increase in people suffering from depression and stress-related illness.  For clients with mental health problems in particular, many struggle simply to make sense of their situation, let alone trying to resolve it unaided

How can you help SHARP to help homeless people?

  • Follow us on Facebook and Twitter: or
  • Make a donation to our charity, either at our reception desk at 13 Welford Road or send a cheque by post to:
    The Treasurer, SHARP, 13, Welford Road, Leicester, LE2 7AD
  • Raise money for SHARP by taking part in a sponsored event or fund raising activity
  • Become a regular donor to SHARP on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. No matter how small the amount, every little bit helps.
  • Donating £5 per month  could help us to prevent one vulnerable young person from becoming homeless.
  • Donating £10 per month could enable a case worker to provide support to a vulnerable person who is at risk of losing their home.